Clinical psychoanalytic work with concepts by Mark Solms (WS 23 & SS 24)

The seminar is aimed at a specialist audience, in particular doctors, psychologists and psychotherapists as well as students from these fields.

Mark Solms sees the necessity to revise some core concepts of psychoanalysis in the light of neuroscientific findings. He claims that there are seven (emotional) drives instead of two; drives are conscious; the unconscious can never become conscious - still Solms claims to be a Freudian. These radical revisions have implications for clinical psychoanalytic work which Solms will discuss and demonstrate in this Webinar. It should be added that those implications are smaller than one might think and that Solms still relies on approved clinical techniques.

In this Webinar, Mark Solms will present and discuss his understandig of psychoanalytical concepts. Each theoretical session is followed by a short presentation of a clinical case by participants on which Solms will give us an insight how he would work with this patient (the focus is on the theoretical concept of the last session).

Dates and topics of winter semester 23 and summer semester 24
Wednesday, 22nd November 20:15-21:45: The Seven Emotional Drives
Wednesday, 29th November 20:15-21:45: clinical case
Wednesday, 13th December 20:15-21:45: Transference and Countertransference
Wednesday, 20th December 20:15-21:45: clinical case
Wednesday, 6th March 20:15-21:45: Defence and Defence mechanisms
Wednesday, 13th March 20:15-21:45: clinical case
Wednesday, 3rd April 20:15-21:45: Dreams and Dream interpretation
Wednesday, 10th April 20:15-21:45: clinical case

Photo of Mark Solms for the Webinar Clinical psychoanalytic work with concepts by Mark Solms
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Veranstalter:  Wiener Psychoanalytische Akademie (WPA)
Zielgruppe: Psychiater
Programmleitung: Mark Solms
Preis der Veranstaltung: EUR 400,00
Reduzierter Preis: EUR 320,00
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